Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trinity Tornadoes

Tuesday, we had our first T-ball game. I've been looking forward to this for the past few weeks...actually, that's not true. I've been looking forward to this since I found out I was pregnant with Jackson. I dreamed of sitting in the stands cheering my little heart out for my boy and Jon being a coach for the team. Jackson had a little anxiety before the game, but Jon practiced with him in the yard before we went to the field and that helped. Honestly, I think my nerves were worse than his. All day I'd been making notes for a list of things I didn't want to forget. I try really hard not to put my fears onto my children, but I was a little nervous for him. I don't like to see my children anxious or uncomfortable in situations that don't feel natural to them. Cole, I've always noticed is the more athletic child. He's more aggressive too. Jackson is sensitive and polite and this made me wonder how much he would really enjoy sports. I have to tell you, he impressed me. He was not very happy that he had to wear jeans to the game...with a hole in the knee, God forbid! Darn it when little boys don't pull their britches down far enough at the potty and leak onto their sweatpants. So, right as we were heading out the door, his only choice was to wear jeans. He fussed and complained about it the entire ride to the field. I assured him that most kids on the team would be wearing jeans also...sure enough, not a one. Jackson really enjoyed himself. I could tell he enjoyed the game...even batting. He was so worried he would hit a ball and it would go behind him and not in front. I told him everyone will hit a foul ball and sure enough, he hit two. But, he also got two base hits and he scored a run. My proudest moment was when a ball was hit to him at third and he threw it to first and his teammate tagged the player out. He even showed a little aggression by chasing after a hit ball...along with every other player on his team...and he and Justyce collided. No tears though! He got up and dusted himself off and went back to dancing around in the field! I thought this moment was so cute-Natalie was crying almost the entire game because: 1)she didn't like her hair-such a girl!...and 2)she didn't want anyone else wearing her batting helmet. Jackson was trying to comfort her and do funny things-he did end up getting a smile and a laugh out of her! After the game, we took Jack to 7-11 to get a cherry coke. I asked him if he had fun and he said, "Yeah, but I'm upset we didn't win." I had to explain to him that he did win...the Trinity Tornadoes won the game. "Oh!," he said, "Well then, where's my trophy?"

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