Monday, February 8, 2010

Fun at Papa and GG's

We have really enjoyed the snow this winter. I say "enjoyed," as in past-tense because I've had my fill. I'm ready to be able to go play outside and have my kids ride their bikes. I want my dog to be able to go outside to potty without tracking in mud, slushy snow and grass on my clean floors, and I'm tired of comfort food because it's starting to show on my waistline.
Nevertheless, we've had a great time. The other day we went to Papa and GG's and went sledding on their five acres. Papa attached a sled to his four-wheeler and pulled everyone around. Even GG was a good sport to play along. Papa tried his hardest to throw her off the sled, but she held on tight! I wish I had the pictures of her from that day. It was hilarious!

My honey and I in the snow.

Cole all bundled up.

Cole and PaPa driving the four-wheeler.

He was trying to shovel some of the snow for us.

Amber "surf-sledding." She's tougher than me!

The beautiful view!

Jon sledding.

Elliott boys.