Thursday, January 14, 2010


We had a really close call yesterday. I feel like I still haven't quite gotten over it. I took the boys for a walk after their nap. Jackson likes to ride his bike and so Cole has started to want to do the same, of course. No longer is the stroller good enough for him. He has this little Radio Flyer tricycle with no peddles. You should see him on this thing...he can fly! It is so cute. Anyway we are rounding the corner at the end of our street. Jackson is ahead of me making a right turn. Cole is to my left. I notice a big truck coming so I look at Cole and motion for him to come over here and get by the curb. I look up and notice the truck isn't stopping. Sampson panics and rips the leash out of my hand to jump onto the grass. It was like everything was moving in slow motion. I look and Cole and look at the truck and yell "Oh my gosh...Oh my gooooosh-STOOOPPPP! The man hits the tire of Cole's bike and slams on his brakes. Cole is flipped over onto his back in the street literally two inches from the mans' tire. I heard Jackson screaming Cole's name and crying. That still brings tears to my eyes.
Just thinking about it again makes my body tense up. I grabbed Cole up, ran over to the grass and started looking him over. Poor baby, it was 50 degrees outside, and I'm stripping him down looking at every inch of his sweet little body. The man gets out of his truck and asks, "What happened?"
"What happened," I said, "is you hit him with your truck!" The mama bear came out in me. I usually am not one to raise my voice at perfect strangers, even in a situation that calls for it. I try to keep my composure. I was in complete survivor-mode. All that mattered was my child at this minute...the rest of the world stood still. The man says, "Buddy, are you okay? You gotta stay closer to the curb." That really got under my skin. Sure my kid should've been closer to the curb, but his eyes should've also been open since he was operating a vehicle. He was too close to even Jackson and I, despite Cole. What ever happened to saying 'Sorry'? 'Sorry for almost killing your child, mam,' 'Sorry for almost giving you a heart attack.' 'Sorry you will lose a night's sleep tonight.'
Of course, in usual 'Cole-fashion', Cole cried all of 31.2 seconds and it was over. Me, on the other hand...I can't seem to shake it. I took a bendedryl last night to sleep. I was so stressed. I just kept thinking, "What if..."
I am so thankful God was watching over my child yesterday. I know this won't be the last parental scare I have. This probably won't even make the charts someday, but for that moment in time, I felt like my world could've completely stopped. What I keep thinking is that I am so grateful.
As I've said before, Cole is exhausting. At the end of the day, I'm tired from all the talking, the messes, the fit-throwing, the discipline, etc. But, when I wondered what my world could be like without him, I was beyond sad. He adds so much life and laughter and noise to our family. I held him a little tighter, a little longer last night. I kissed and hugged and laughed a little more. Thank for God for protecting my child and showing me grace and blessing me have have another day with him.
I asked Cole today after nap if he wanted to take a walk and ride his bike. After a long, intense look, he says, "Cole no ride bike. Truck go boom crash da baby." I hope he's not traumatized!
"But let all those rejoice who put their trust in You; Let them ever shout for joy, because You defend them; Let those also who love Your name be joyful in You. For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favor You will surround him as with a shield." (Ps 5.11-12)

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am so glad he is ok. What a crazy guy to not be paying attention. I'm so thankful the Lord was watching over you guys! Love ya