Friday, June 8, 2012

Jack's Alopecia Update

A little update on Jack's Alopecia...ladies and gentlemen...we have hair growing back!  I took Jackson to another dermatologist to get a second opinion.  The news was pretty much the same, although I liked him a lot better than the last doctor.  He seemed to have better bedside manner and he eased my mind when he said, "If it were my son....".  That's exactly what I wanted to hear...not statistics, false hope, or "It's very common, don't worry."  I want to hear what the doctor would do if this little boy was his child, because I know every person wants the best for their child.  He didn't give me any magical insight, the verdict was still the same.  It is Alopecia Areata.  It may be progressive, or not.  It can't be cured with anything.  He did suggest a different medication than the last doctor prescribed.  He said this one was a little more aggressive at getting hair growth back and I have noticed hair growth!

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