Monday, October 26, 2009

"Day and Night"

I just downloaded almost 300 pictures from my camera to my computer. I'm a little behind, okay?! As I was looking through them, I thought they summed up pretty well our house-never a dull moment. While I was looking, it just further confirmed to me what I've known for almost two years. We have two children who could not be any MORE different. I'm always amazed by this. I don't know why. I mean, I know God creates each person to have their own different personalities, mannerisms, etc. But, I guess I just thought that two children from the same two parents would be, well...the same. My grandma calls Jack and Cole "day and night", for a reason.

Jack-very emotional, and affectionate. He's my brain-child. I'm already planning my retirement in whatever he does for a living. He likes to be alone, read, think. He has an engineers' mind. He loves trains, and builds the most intricate train tracks I've ever seen. He's the kind of kid that reads encyclopedias. He tells you exactly what is on his mind and uses the most words possible to describe the details. If he can't think of a big enough word, he will make one up and many times, he uses it correctly. He loves all creatures-great and small. Last weekend he had a collection of worms in the garage and would hold up one at a time and tell me about each little "googy cutie." He loves passionately-for which I am terrified and thankful at the same time. By the time Jackson was 12 months, I enjoyed him so much, I couldn't wait to have another then comes Cole.

Cole-life of the party. Don't leave him alone in a room for one second. He alone can do the damage of what the average three children can do together. He is almost two and still can't speak half the words Jackson could at 12 months-simply because...he doesn't need to. If you don't understand what he's trying to say, he will hit you in the head til it comes to you. He would eat ketchup by the bottle if I let him. Every picture I take of him winds up being hilarious and can't hide his true hornery nature. He loves passionately, but also hates passionately. He had his first ER trip by 6 months (don't ask why), a scar above his eyebrow, his fingernail was torn off with no tears, he has nearly caught my house on fire twice. Any activity that involves a ball, he loves and excels in-even at 22 months. By the time this child was 12 months, I wondered if I would be able to handle another baby...EVER.

So, this all got me thinking-what a perfect pair! Jackson is just like me and Cole is just like Jon. They are a perfect pair of brothers and I know their friendship will be strong forever. God knew exactly what I needed and wanted even before I did. What a wonderful maker.

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