Saturday, October 22, 2011

Man's Best Friend

Last month, we had a big scare in our family. Sampson, our first-born was hit by a car. I guess it was just a matter of time, really. Usually, Sam is pretty good about lying in the yard when we're outside. He likes to nap in the sunshine and watch the world go by while do yard work or when the boys play basketball. Occasionally, since he just lies there...we forgot he's even outside with us. That's exactly what happened that night and I didn't even notice he was missing until I went to let him outside before bed. It was too late, he was no where to be found. After searching the neighborhood for half an hour, Jon called the pound and sure enough, he had been picked up.
They mentioned to Jon that he was limping and may have possibly been hit by a car in the neighborhood. They said he seemed to not be in any pain, and he was just probably a little sore since he's getting up there in his years. We were told we could pick him up the next morning, but when I was able to get him, I knew immediately that something was wrong. Call it mother's intuition or just that I know my animal better than animal control, but I rushed him to the vet right away. Much to our surprise he hadn't been hit by a car in the neighborhood, but on a main street outside our neighborhood at 35-40 mph. Someone called the pound when they panicked seeing a dog rolling in the street, unable to get up. He was in a lot of pain and the doctor had to put him to sleep just to get an x-ray. Turns out Sampson had a broken tailbone, an air pocket where is muscle tore, and black and purple bruises all over.
It was a very emotional situation for all of us, but we were just grateful to still have him with us. I thought about how he's been with us through almost every step of our married lives. Jon and I bought him a couple days after Christmas when we had just been married six months. He was our first responsibility as a married couple-he trained us for the messes and frustrations that children would later bring. He was there with us through two moves and new changes that life brings. He loves and protects my children and has become a great playmate for them...putting up with being ridden like a horse, costume changes, and being dragged around that backyard on a leash. He's been a comfort to me when Jon has been out of town and I was scared to be alone.
He's often overlooked and ignored. He's been a source of anger for me when tracks mud on my carpets and i find his hair on EVERYTHING. I've seen him as a financial burden when I go to the vet to update his shots and $300 later, I'm finally able to leave. I've cursed his name as a stepped in a big pile of fresh poop in the backyard. But, these days, we're just counting him as a blessing. He's had a few more home cooked meals and ear rubs, and I even let him up on my "pretty" furniture in the formal living room. We are so grateful he was a fighter and is still with us.

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