Sunday, July 10, 2011

Confessions of a Mommy

I have some confessions I'd like to make. I really need to get some things off my chest that I've been feeling a little guilty about. goes nothin'.

Confession No. 1: When vacuuming, I sometimes purposely suck up Jack's Legos. I know it's terrible but I get so sick and tired of telling him to pick those little pieces up and I also get tired of bending over, so...

Confession No. 2: I ate half of the carton Blue Bunny Pralines and Cream frozen yogurt the other day at nap time. When Jack asked what I did during nap time, I told him I folded laundry.

Confession No. 3: When Cole asks me to "Watch dis Mom," I usually look away right as he's doing it and say, "Yay!" He says, "Did you see dat?" and I say, "Uh-huh...that was awesome!"

Confession No. 4: When I've had a day where I'm about to lose it because someone is yet again pitching a fit about something, I sometimes get down on the same age level as the boys and antagonize them a little bit. For example, Cole starts crying because he doesn't want to take a nap, so I call him a crybaby. And he says, "I not a crybaby." And I'll say, "Yep, crybaby. That's why you still take a nap, because you act like a little baby and cry, crybaby." It's really juvenile and mean, but it usually makes him stop crying and it just makes me feel, there.

Confession No. 5: Sometimes I lock the kids out in the backyard while they're playing and ignore all the, "Hey, moms'!" About 20 minutes later I'll finally go unlock the door and act like I never heard when they called my name 142 times.

Whew! I feel better, now. Thanks for listening to my mommy confessions!

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  1. I am so right there with you! Except not only do I vacuum up Henry's tiny pieces, I also have sucked up a GI Joe gun of Rob's, or 105. And where do you think Henry learned 'freakin'? Maybe because he has heard "have you lost your freakin' mind?!' more than a handful of times!