Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Baby is 6!

My, how time flies. Six years ago on July 21st, God blessed me with this little bundle of joy.

We had a great time celebrating Jack's birthday. This year instead of having a birthday party, Jackson chose to stay in a hotel downtown that he had been asking about for some time. It has a indoor pool perfect for kids, plus you can see the ballpark from your room. To top all this off, we got the room for free through a friend so we were really blessed and it made it even more special. We started out the evening by eating at Earl's, Jack's choice. Then we made a trip to the cupcake shop. We went back to our room and ate cupcakes and watched a little baseball.

After the game they did a fireworks show. I've never seen fireworks this close, it was incredible. Then we did a little swimming. It was a great birthday for a great boy and I can't think of a greater way to spend it.

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